"Democracy": a real freedom for a country, or just a beautiful word for the U.S. to pursue their interests around the globe?

Why is the Western “Democracy” so hypocritical and full of double standards?

Here are a few examples.

  1. Unlike the British Empire (which didn't allow American colonies to be technically developed), USSR did biuld modern factories and plants not only in RSFSR, but in Ukraine (e.g. “Antonov” air plant, which is now being liquidated by Poroshenko), Uzbekistan (computer automation back in 1975), in Latvia and other Republics. But, now this kind of improvements is called “occupation”.
  2. During last decades the U.S. has either ignited (or took part) in a lot of wars, i.e. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, etc. But, not the U.S., — Russia is called “a a very agressive counrty”, whereas we didn’t do what the U.S. did.
  3. America, starting from early days, has killed a huge amount of native inhabitants (the Indians). In contrast to this, as Russia grew, it kept alive all of the national diversity (190+ nationalities). And, the U.S. is called “citadel of democracy”, — and Russia is (or at least has been) called “Prison of nations”.
  4. The U.S., through organizations like NED, IRI\USAID, BBG (*Broadcasting Board of Governors*) etc are spending lots of hundreds of millions of dollars EVERY YEAR (proof link with the latest BBG's budget submission) to tear apart and inspire revolution in nations worldwide (incl. Russia and its neighbours). — This is called “Voice of the freedom”.
    But, when Russia is trying to explain how things actually happen through broadcasters like “RT” — this is called “Dangerous information invasion” and is being hated in UK, the U.S. and their allies.
  5. Texas has never been a part of the U.S. till 1800s. When the U.S. claimed it, is was not (and still is not) called “annexation”. But, when Russia has re-united with the Crimea in 2014, which belonged to Russia ever since 1783 — this IS called “annexation”, which is, both logically and historically, not true.
  6. I thought that “Democracy” is when every country is free to protect itself, to take independent decisions, to defend their strategic interests (e.g., to build enough amount of navy ships to be able to protect the borders).
    When the U.S. does this — this is called “good”, but when Russia does the very same things — it is called “bad” and “interferes with American interests”.
  7. When the LEGALLY ELECTED Ukrainian president Yanukovich has been removed from his post (and almost killed) without ANY legal basis underneath — the U.S. said “It was awesome”. Actually same for Lybia (but Qaddafi was eventually murdered). But when in at the same time in Yemen the rebels changed the leader or the country, the U.S. said “it is bad” and put the overthrown leader back.

So — is actually “Democracy” an ability to freely grow own country, or is it only a “tool” for the U.S. to pursue their interests around the globe?

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