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The Blackcock (teterev) and the Bee (pchelka) varieties of the eagle on copper coins of Alexander I

There are a number of varieties of the image of an eagle on the copper coins of Alexander I, minted in 1810, 1811 and 1812 (2 kopecks, 1 kopeck, denga). These varieties are called: Bee and Blackcock. This is how they look like:

Varieties of the eagle on copper coins of Alexander I

Bee (aka Pchelka)

Standard eagle (for comparison)

Blackcock (aka Teterev)

The following coins exist with blackcocks and bees, taking into consideration mint name, mintmeister, and the minting year:

Bee Blackcock
2 kopecks 1810 ( ) 1810 (; )
1811 ( )
1812 ()
1 kopeck 1810 ( ) 1810 ()
1811 ( )

1810 ( ) 1811 ( )

Created in Russian: May 3, 2012. English translation added: May 1, 2018.

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