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Idea, implementation and design by
Andrey Tretyakov (aka inscriptor)

Andrei Tretyakov, inscriptor, creounity

and Creative Force

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The number of countries
whose coin collectors
use the web application
«Creounity Time Machine»:
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This SaaS is freeware.

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Selected sites providing precise converters for a number of chronological systems

Sites with English interface language are marked as «EN», ones with Russian interface language are marked as «RU».

Lunar Hejira (the converter with a bit more accurate algorithm, as compared with one provided in the «Creounity Time Machine»)

Hebrew calendar

Nepalese calendar (the Bikram Samwat era)

Iranian Calendar Converter: operates with the Iranian (aka Persian, or Jalali), Gregorian and Lunar Hejira calendars at a time

Fourmilab's calendar converter
(allows conversion within about a dozen chronological systems at a time)

Similar one-to-many calendar converter


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