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Welcome to the Creounity Time Machine!


March 16, 2024 The new chronological system
is now available:
Seleucid era and its correlation with other ancient
chronological systems.

April 02, 2024 The new system is now available:
Years of the Khani calendar
on the coins of Ilkhans (Hulaguids)

 April 11, 2024 The new system has been added:
Abjad and its use to mark dates on Muslim coins.

This is the universal date converter that covers 33 chronological systems and counting. With the help of Creounity Time Machine you can easily find out when your coins were minted.

To launch the Time Machine, simply select the chronological system you are interested in from the menu on the lefthand side of this page by clicking on it (or touching/tapping, depending on the hardware youve got).

The date converter is capable of processing data both directly (from the selected system to the Gregorian date) and vice versa (from the Gregorian system to a required one).

Simply enter the symbols of the date to the converter as you see them on your coin. Special provisions do exist for those cases when it is essential to enter some additional symbols  all these peculiarities are specified where necessary in the narrative sections.

Each chronological system is accompanied by a piece of explanatory text that helps you understand how the converter works, as well as learn some facts about the chronology's history and origins.

Creounity Time Machine web-app is the best and the most powerful online date converter youve ever seen. Using it is completely free of charge. It is fully supported by developers, so feel free to provide me with your feedback or suggestions to add a chronological system not yet covered here. To provide feedback, scroll to the bottom of this page, click the Get in touch with us link and select one of the 4 options that suits you best.

Find out the latest news about how Time Machine
is changing the way coin collectors identify their coins:

  Andrei, my hat is off to you! This is splendid work, the pictures feature to help identify coins of different countries (especially those with strange alphabets) is excellent! It will be one of my regular references when consulting foreign coins. Congratulations!

 — ffrickey, member cointalk.com, on May 7, 2012

 * * * 

  Without any effort, it (Time Machine) lets you learn Arabic numbers, it converts dates and it gives you useful information on reading and interpreting dates. Once you have used this site, you can't do without any more.

 — Peter, administrator of worldofcoins.eu, on November 4, 2012

 * * * 

  A very useful site for reading and converting dates of many calendars is the Creounity Time Machine which I highly recommend you bookmark and use as a handy reference tool.

 — Author of the web-site arabiancoins.wordpress.com, on December 9, 2012

 * * * 

  Thank you so very much! That is fascinating and extremely informative.
If only the coin could speak, what a wonderful story it would be!
Very grateful.

 — David Myers, on April 24, 2013

 * * * 

  Oh god i love that site, it is just great! How did i miss
that one. It is very helpful.

 — ALLRED1950, on June 9, 2013

 * * * 

  Great idea, very useful!
Thanks for the initiative and creation of the Time Machine.
A lot of work and time investment, should be appriciated by all collectors.

 — odedbil, on July 12, 2013

 * * * 

  Andrei, thank you so much for creating this! I used it last week, without knowing it was yours. Found it on Google, so your site is already regarded an authority on the subject, apparently :) Even if you dont change anything, I love your page and I'm sure i'll use it more in the future!

 — iceblink, user of the website for collectors called colnect.com, on May 18, 2014

 * * * 

  If you've never used it, this time machine is a super easy way to figure out dates. Just punch in the date symbols you see and it translates them… works for Thai and 25 other scripts.

 — chrismck, user of the website for collectors called numista.com, on July 22, 2014

 * * * 

  You can use this very nice site for learning about dates on Tibetan coins.

 — Parimal, user of the website for collectors called numista.com, on August 30, 2014

 * * * 

  There is a magnificent date converter here.

 — Peter, administrator of worldofcoins.eu, on January 11, 2015

 * * * 

  It's not a new find but it's a website that every collector should have bookmarked. This one is much more comprehensive and is available in several major languages. For the harder to identify dates using obscure calendars from long ago it is absolutely priceless.

 — pnightingale, user of the website for collectors called numista.com, on June 6, 2015

 * * * 

  Actually I should thank you for creating such a good tool. Great work.

 — Parimal, user of the website for collectors called numista.com, on April 17, 2016

 * * * 

  This is the best site for date.

 — geraltttt82, user of the website for collectors called coincommunity.com, on February 12, 2017

 * * * 

  A great website for all coin collectors!

 — Pellinore, user of the website for collectors called worldofcoins.eu, on May 30, 2017

 * * * 

  What a great resource very handy for my Bangladeshi & Indian Princely States' coins.

 — Aidan Work, user of the Facebook community called CoinBrothers (permalink), on June 27, 2017

 * * * 

  Fantastic site to convert to a current date.

 — Petespockets55, user of the coin forum lincolncentforum.com, on September 29, 2017

 * * * 

  I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for your "Creounity Time Machine." I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate its ease of use, its accurate information (dating) and its quick accessibility. I use this site at least 23 times a week if not every day, and it has saved me countless hours of digging for dates.

I truly do not have anything more to say except thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU for creating and maintaining possibly one of the most useful sites I have come across. PLEASE don't ever take it down. That would be devastating.

Just wanted you to know how much your efforts are appreciated.

 — Dominic R Cannata Jr, on February 11, 2020

 * * * 

  I really like your explanations and calculator. I could spend days on your site. Wow.

 — Jim, on December 10, 2020

 * * * 

  I had many different bookmarks for pages to help me translate dates, but this one has everything I need all in one place!

 — hokiefan_82, user of the coin forum coincommunity.com, on September 05, 2021

 * * * 

  Your tool is awesome. Great work!

 — lhillman, user of the coin collectors site en.numista.com, on January 09, 2023

 * * * 

  Wow. Seems like a rather comprehensive account of calendars and number systems. Bookmarked now.

 — erafjel, user of the coin forum coincommunity.com, on April 19, 2024

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