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Friends of the Creounity Time Machine
Useful and interesting sites that we do recommend you to visit

In the   United States of America:

joelscoins.com This website, owned by Joel Anderson, offers wide variety of interesting, historic and unusual world coins and paper money for sale at a reasonable price, with an emphasis on history and current events. The site includes recent issues, historic issues, micro-nations, World War II and bi-metallic coins, as well as a selection of numismatic supplies.  Appreciated by Inscriptor 

worldcoindatabase.com The goal of that site is to provide coin collectors, as well as the general public, with guides to help identify and catalog any world coin.

In    Great Britain:

omniglot.com Huge collection of alphabets, languages and writing systems.

In    Spain:

worldcoinnews.blogspot.com a very interesting blog held by David Rivera from Bilbao, Spain. This blog provides information about the official releases of new coins from all over the world. Colour illustrations, coins specifications, daily updated.

In    Egypt:

arabic-not-indian-numbers.com this web-site presents unmatched proofing/confirmation of the Arabism proprietorship of inventing the numerals they taught firstly to the Indians, then to the Europeans, founded on the ultimate analysis and studying yet.

Creounity Time Machine only operates with integer values of the year. Those users who need to convert the date with one day accuracy should visit this page. It provides a list of external links found by the author where it's possible to make precise conversion within a number of chronological systems.

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